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8 Dec MyAds-Deals-Discounts-and-Pinpoint-Advertising-All-in-One-App

MyAds- Deals, Discounts and Pinpoint Advertising, All in One App

Businesses are constantly seeking new ways to reach their target market. Consumers are always on the lookout for great bargains. These are two apparently unrelated facts (at least, not at first sight), but there’s a solution that tackles both and does so in a rather innovative way. It’s the MyAds mobile app.

The MyAds app provides a mobile advertising platform for businesses which can be accessed at little cost. It allows them to conveniently create an online presence, showcase their latest deals, and reach their intended market demographic. MyAds also lets its users in on discounted offers from their favourite brands and allows them to keep up to date with new and existing products from such businesses.

MyAds has several unique features. Users of the app can follow the stores that advertise on the app to get information on new deals available from them. There’s also an offline link- ads are displayed on their incoming call screens, and also appear after the call has ended, for further engagement. Points are earned by inviting friends to use the app, completing surveys and polls, and sharing on social media. These points are redeemable on the app and can be converted into coupons, discount vouchers, and prepaid airtime.

Businesses can achieve a more precise reach with MyAds. The platform allows them to target specific age groups and locations with their ads. They also have access to analytics on an interface that is easy to use, through which they can track interest in their product, likes, click rates and product use. MyAds connects them to hundreds of thousands of potential customers, making it possible for them to grow their customer base, and scale up.

Visit to find out more about MyAds. Click here to download the app.


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