20% off
Business Solutions₦ 20000.00
Services₦ 15000.00
67% off
Training and Development₦ 10000.00
13% off
Travel and Airlines₦ 420000.00
40% off
Health and Beauty₦ 0.03
Services₦ 0.00


Health and Beauty₦ 6000.00
17% off
Software₦ 24999.00
40% off
Health and Beauty₦ 0.03
60% off
Services₦ 100000.00
Health and Beauty₦ 15000.00
Health and Beauty₦ 4000.00
Health and Beauty₦ 25000.00
80% off
Software₦ 50000.00

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20% off
Software₦ 80000.00
52% off
Training and Development₦ 12000.00
Health and Beauty₦ 0.00
4% off
Health and Beauty₦ 35500.00
72% off
Beauty and Spa₦ 6999.00
60% off
Health and Beauty₦ 4000.00
72% off
Health and Beauty₦ 6999.00
Books₦ 35000.00




save more, make more at the connectnigeria marketplace, august 27, 2016

Imagine an event that brings the sights, sounds and sales bargains of summer holidays to you, right here in Nigeria. The ConnectNigeria Marketplace offers you all of this, and so much more. So you don’t have to get on the plane and splash scarce dollars on trips beyond the shores of our country; the holiday atmosphere is now closer to you than it has ever been, replete with all the shopping excitement. And it’s not just for would-be summer deal-hunters. At the ConnectNigeria Marketplace,... brings the summer experience to your doorstep, Nigeria’s Information Search Portal, presents to you “The ConnectNigeria Marketplace”, an event that brings the sights, sounds and sales bargains of summer holidays to you, right here in Nigeria. The event offers you the opportunity to get great bargains on your favourite products. Heavy price discounts will be available for products on sale at the event. Vendors also stand the chance of making bumper sales, as this event concentrates thousands of ready buyers in one...

cut the chase and grow your business

As we enter the 2nd half of the year, it’s time to cut to the chase! If you have been getting distracted or getting confused or trying several fads, it is time to get focused and use your energy correctly to achieve your business goals before the year ends. I decided to go straight to the point and provide practical things you should be focusing on in this 2nd half if you really want your goals not to remain wishful thinking, but to actually become a reality. Here are my top 3...


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